The Role of Tech Communities in Professional Development and Innovation

This panel aims to delve into the fundamental role of tech communities in professional development, collaboration, and innovation within the tech industry. The discussion will highlight success stories showcasing how these communities have driven notable advancements. Furthermore, best practices for making the most of these networks of tech experts and enthusiasts will be explored.Tech communities have become an enriching environment for professionals in the field, offering opportunities to learn, share knowledge, and network. This panel will delve into the dynamics that make these communities a valuable resource and discuss how strong industry relationships can be nurtured. We hope this exchange of ideas and experiences will inspire participants to use these communities as effective tools for developing and contributing to innovation in the tech realm. 

Oscar Díaz

Co-Host at Mangú Tecnológico Podcast

Layi Felix

Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Cámara TIC

Luis Pujols

Senior Customer Success Architect at GitHub

Alice Perez

UX Manager at Retargetly

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