Orchestrating Innovation

Here’s the truth, “innovation”, has become a non-sense word. It means everything and it means nothing. We’ve started to say it so much that we don’t even know if we’re saying it right anymore. We’ve exercised an innovation muscle that centers almost entirely around bringing people into a room, writing a bunch of ideas with black markers on sticky notes, tossing those around, then high-fiving because we’ve “innovated”. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, right? The sad truth is that the majority of these activities don’t lead to any meaningful, measurable outcomes.

In this session, we’ll compare thriving innovation centers that have brought meaning back to innovation by moving from “innovation theater” to a well-orchestrated, disciplined, and practical approach that delivers outcomes. Discover how we’ve applied an Orchestrating Innovation framework that provides product leaders with the necessary tools to upskill their teams, identify and prioritize the right opportunities for innovation, deliver viable solutions, and generate substantial value.

Bermon Painter

Global Innovation & Designer Leader at Slalom

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