Kenny Beltré

Specialist in Digital Communication focused on the Design of Interfaces and User Experience. Multimedia Graduate from the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA), Digital Communication Term Student at the APEC University. She is a digital designer with more than five years of experience. She works as a Specialist in Digital Communication in Alorica and

Karoline Taylor

She is a Technologist in software development and an engineer in information and communication technologies, master in project management and specialist in Digital Transformation and Big Data, with 11 years of experience in ICT. She is a volunteer and director of specialized areas of the Mujeres Tics RD community, from where she dedicates time

Isuara Jiménez

I'm a Computer Systems Engineer and Multimedia Technologist. Director of Education of the MujeresTicsRD Community. Currently, I work as a Technology Teacher in the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic, and I'm an active member of the Techno-Educational Board of the Province of Monte Plata. I also dedicate myself to Digital Marketing and

Yhorby Matías

Yhorby Matías is Microsoft MVP and Currently works as a Senior Software Engineer for iScribeHealth, he started to develop software in 2010 for the .NET platform, he focused on this technology to become an expert, now he is focused on the Azure and NET Core development platform. In addition to being a developer, he

Victor Recio

Dominican born in the province of Hermanas Mirabal. He's self-taught, with more than 13 years of experience, in Linux systems; and leader of the Linux and Docker community in the Dominican Republic. Founder of Open Saturday, currently working as a DevOps Engineer for OpsecSecurity, a company based in Boston.

Mofizur Rahman

Mofizur Rahman (@moficodes) is a Developer Advocate at IBM. His area of interests includes container orchestration and microservices. His favorite programming language these days is Go. He also tinkers with Node, Python, and Java. He is also learning and teaching in the Go, Kubernetes, Docker and Microservice community. He is a strong believer of

Rendy del Rosario

Rendy Del Rosario is a Telematic Engineer with a Master in Information of Technology and Advanced Telematics. Has more than 15 years of experience working with mobile and enterprise applications. Actual Xamarin Certified Developer and writer of blog

Charlin Agramonte

Charlin Agramonte is a Software Engineer with a Master in advanced mobile applications. Has more than 5 years of experience working with mobile applications. Actual Microsoft MVP and writer of blog

Gustavo Valverde

Gustavo is a tech and automation lover, with a mixture of knowledge in Information Security, IT Audit, Continuity Management, Process Automation. He is mainly focused in the consultancy area, but always keeping a grasp on the technical and development ground. Gustavo is now working on an ecosystem, based on open sourced projects like Odoo,