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Mark your calendars! 🎉 CodeCampSDQ returns on August 17th, 2024. And here’s a treat: For a limited flash: tickets are 50% off – just 49USD! Join us for another electrifying tech saga.

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Ignite Your Team & Drive Success at CodeCampSDQ

CodeCampSDQ is the premier destination for tech executives and their teams looking to stay ahead of the ever-changing tech landscape.

At the conference, you’ll benefit from objective insights, expert guidance, and practical tools from technology thought leaders, sponsors, and peers. Furthermore, you’ll empower your team to be at the center of creativity, inspiration, and innovation that supercharges business outcomes.

Learn how executive leaders are creating powerful software development organizations for a competitive edge. Explore how forward-thinking executives are leveraging Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and other innovative technologies.


Oscar Díaz

Co-Host at Mangú Tecnológico Podcast

David Cruz Matus

Cloud Sr Solution Architect at Huawei

Sandielly Ortega

Power BI Engineer at Megsoft

Pål Stian Bendiksen

Cloud Solution Architect at Cegal

Loïc Carbonne

Head of ecommerce division at Theodo

Gustavo Then

Territory Manager at HP

Luis Pujols

Senior Customer Success Architect at GitHub

Raúl G. Roa Gómez

Chief Technology Officer & Founder at Tagshelf

Hugo Quintero

Technical Strategy Manager at SoftwareOne

Alice Perez

UX Manager at Retargetly

Jonathan J. Mentor

Founder & CEO at Successment

Juan Medina

Editor Tecnológico at CDN

Bermon Painter

Global Innovation & Designer Leader at Slalom

Giame Fajardo

Full stack Developer, Data Analyst and Educator at Cecomsa

Manfred Bjørlin

Enterprise Cloud Integration Architect at Cegal

Patricio Vargas

Staff Developer Advocate at Paypal

Layi Felix

Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Cámara TIC

Nethaneel Edwards

Staff Software Engineer at Google

Zac Brown

Startup founder at NonprofitsHQ

Melissa Jurkoic

Chief Experience Officer
at Thynk.Cloud

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This panel aims to delve into the fundamental role of tech communities in professional development, collaboration, and innovation within the tech industry.

Oscar Díaz

Co-Host at Mangú Tecnológico Podcast

Layi Felix

Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Cámara TIC

Luis Pujols

Senior Customer Success Architect at GitHub

Alice Perez

UX Manager at Retargetly

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